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Youth workers are heroes! That’s why we are committed to making their life easier.

Why did we develop StreetSmart Play?

The digital community platform StreetSmart Play was created in 2019 to support youth workers, street educators and teachers with a wide range of non-formal educational game ideas and methods.

For over 15 years Mobile School NPO has been empowering local street work organisations with educational materials, training and coaching, with the main objective being to boost the self-esteem of street-connected children. At present, the Mobile School methodology is implemented in 59 international organisations across 30 countries worldwide.

In order to significantly increase the impact on children and youth workers worldwide, we decided to open up the Mobile School methodology. Therefore, Mobile School joined forces with our partners Ladies Union of Drama (Greece) and Save the Children (Romania) to create a digital environment where youth workers and educators from all over the globe can quickly find and exchange their best activities.

Important contributors

Over the years, we have seen a tremendous amount of inspiring ideas and games in different projects, but unfortunately these were rarely shared. With StreetSmart Play, youth workers, educators and teachers can easily find and share new games to guarantee successful interventions with the children.

The following organisations have already shared their valuable methods and games on StreetSmart Play.

Become part of the community yourself and start contributing!

StreetSmart Play is an integral part of the broader StreetSmart digital strategy for youth work, designed by Mobile School to help street educators and youth workers increase the efficiency of their daily interventions.

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