Pitch the game

Besides visual content, your pitch is the best way to make your game shine!

A pitch is a one-sentence catch phrase which will make other youth workers want to play your game. Let’s have a look at how to write a good pitch.



Step 1

Describe your game in one sentence
  • Your pitch will be visible in the search function and on the game pitch, below the title of the game.

  • Be aware you only have 150 characters.


Step 2

Think about why a youth worker should play this game.
  • Mentioning the topic, the learning skills or the activity type of the game might help you. Only mention the things that really matter and that are typical for the game. 

  • For example: a fun game might not be the best description, since all of the games on the StreetSmart Play are fun. Be creative!


Step 3

Address other youth workers or the players directly by using an imperative.

Some examples of good pitches:

  • Wander around this beautiful multi-ethnic festival environment and discover your favourite sounds, musical genres and instruments.

  • Stimulate and develop your fine motor abilities by completing the other half of different drawings. 

  • Discover your path of life with this exciting board game and reflect on good luck, bad luck and on your life choices.

Good job!

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