What's in my pocket?

Practise asking open questions by playing this fun, easy game.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Two (unusual) objects

A step-by-step guide to play the game


The game leader chooses an object (preferably an unusual one, that is not easy to guess) and puts it in his pocket.


The players can ask the game leader 10 closed questions to figure out what is in his pocket.


The game leader shows the object and now puts a different (unusual) object in his pocket.


Now, the players can ask 10 open questions to figure out what is in the game leader's pocket. The only rule is that they cannot directly ask: "What is the object?" or "What is in your pocket?".


Usually, the 10 closed questions do not suffice to guess the object. When asking open questions, generally the object is guessed in less than 5 tries. Reflect on this with the players: When is it best to ask close-ended/open-ended questions? Which type of questions do you usually ask? etc.

Extra game information

This short exercise clearly demonstrates that you can get a lot more information by asking open-ended questions than by asking close-ended questions.


You can play the exact same game, but instead of guessing an object, the players have to guess the game leader's secret.

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