The Animal Game

This fun energiser is all about staying focused and responding quickly, while connecting with your inner animal!

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Form a circle. Ask all players to think about their inner animal or an animal they really like. When they have an animal in mind, ask them to think about a specific gesture and sound of that animal. 


Give an example of your animal by showing your gesture while making your sound. Ask your neighbour to do the same and go around the circle, until everyone has shown their gesture and sound. 


Ask everyone in the circle to repeat their gestures and sounds and ask the other players to copy and memorise them. When all players know the different gestures and sounds, you can start the game. 


During the game, the animals in the circle communicate with each other. They do this by first making their own gesture and sound and then the gesture and sound of the animal they want to communicate with. 


That animal will then first make his own gesture and sound and then the gesture and sound of another animal and so on. 


Once everyone has got the hang of it, you can introduce an additional challenge: if someone makes a mistake (making the wrong combination of a gesture and sound, for example, or hesitating too long), everybody has to move one step to the right and take over the animal of the person that was standing there before them. So everybody switches animals, since the animals are linked to a fixed position in the circle. After the switch, the game starts again. 


Keep speeding up the rhythm of the game to keep it challenging. After some time, you will most likely all be laughing really hard, not knowing who is who anymore =) Enjoy!

Extra game information

If two participants think of the same animal, ask one of them to think of another one to make the game more fun.


You can play the game with one player in the middle as well:

The person in the middle needs to tag a player in the circle before that player can complete his task (making his own gesture and sound and the gesture and sound of one of the other players). If the player in the middle can tag someone, that player goes in the middle next.

If one of the players in the circle makes the mistake of trying to communicate with the animal in the middle, he also needs to go in the middle himself.

This game variation is explained in a video made by Bryan and Pete from, which you can find here:

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