Pang pang!

Learn and remember the names of the people in your group to avoid getting shot during this fun and active game.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


All players form a circle. One player stands in the middle of the circle.


The player in the middle will be the game moderator. He spins around and shoots someone, by appointing that person with his fingers pointed in a pretend gun and by saying "Pang" and the name of the person, e.g.: "Pang, Alexander!"


Alexander then has to kneel down as quickly as possible. The players standing on either side of Alexander have to spin around, face each other and shoot each other as quickly as possible, by pointing at each other with a pretend gun and by saying "Pang" and the name of the person they are shooting.

  • The player able to shoot the fastest, wins. The other player is shot down and needs to sit down until the game is over.
  • If Alexander fails to duck quickly enough, he is shot, and thus eliminated from the game. The players on either side of Alexander can continue playing.
  • If Alexander ducks to safety, and both players shout at the same time, all three are safe and nobody is eliminated.
  • If any player in the circle makes the mistake of ducking or shooting at the wrong time, they are eliminated.

The game continues until only two players are left. They will battle each other to decide who wins the game!


Final battle:

The two remaining players stand back to back in the style of a duel. The game moderator starts calling names of people from the group. If the name does not belong to either one of the duelists, both duelists take a step forward, stepping away from one another. If the name of one of the two duelists is called, both must spin around and shoot each other as quickly as possible, by saying "Pang, (name)!'. The fastest player wins the game.

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Mobile School NPO

Mobile School NPO BE

30 October, 2019


A really fun and active game to get to know the names of the group!

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