The last one in is a rotten egg

This easy, fun game is the perfect way to energise a group both on-and offline.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • When playing online: a telephone/computer with a camera and an internet connection

A step-by-step guide to play the game


All players form a circle. One person is the game leader.


The game leader comes up with a challenge for the players, e.g.: "Put on three sweaters and two pants" or "Find a pair of binoculars".


When the game leader says "go", the players need to perform the task and return to the circle as quickly as possible. The last one in is a rotten egg...


Then, the game leader gives the players a different task, etc.

Extra game information

Challenge the players by mentioning objects they cannot possibly find in the neighbourhood. That way, they have to be creative and come up with different ways to form that object, using whatever they can find.


  • Vary the objects mentioned depending on where you play the game. If you're on a camp, you can mention pieces of clothing, toys,... If you're organising a session on the streets, you can mention rocks, flowers or other things that can be found there and if you're playing the game during an online meeting, you can mention things people typically have at home.
  • Instead of naming objects, you can name a quality the object has to have, e.g. : "Find something round" (or red, warm, ...). This can be a fun way to practise adjectives.
  • You can form groups and have them compete against each other, in which case you could also keep track of the score.
  • You can also switch game leaders. The first person or even the last person in (aka "the rotten egg") could, for example, give the next task to the group.

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