Name Tag

A quick, fun game to learn each other's names!

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Everything you need to play this game

  • A T-shirt and rubber bands

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Roll up the T-shirt and put a rubber band at each end. You can also use a rolled up newspaper or magazine, as long as it doesn't hurt when you hit someone with it!


All players form a circle, sitting down. One player will be in the middle, holding the rolled up T-shirt. He is the tagger.


One player in the circle will start by standing up, saying his name and the name of someone else in the circle.


The player that was named then needs to quickly stand up, say his name and the name of someone else in the circle, etc.


The player in the middle tries to hit the players when they are standing up. When he succeeds, the player he hits takes his place in the middle and he takes that player's place in the circle.


He is then the next one to say his name and someone else's and cannot be hit unless he forgets to say a name and sits down first.


Play this game until everyone knows each other's names and until the entire group is energised!

Extra game information

This game was created by Youth Ministry Great Games.


  • Instead of using names, use names of fruits, animals,... instead. This can be a fun way to practise new vocabulary in a foreign language class!
  • To make the game more difficult, you can add an extra rule: Whenever a player takes another player's place, he takes on his identity as well, so if Tom is sitting in a spot at the beginning of the game, whoever takes his seat becomes Tom. Be prepared for an identity crisis ;)!

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