Active Three-in-a-row

During this active and fun game, everything depends on your quick wits and your speed!

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Everything you need to play this game

  • 3 green and 3 red balls (or bottle caps, small rocks,...)

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Draw a grid on the ground of nine squares, three by three.


Split the group into two teams. Both teams line up next to each other, at a few metres' distance from the grid.


Team 1 gets three green balls (or other small objects with that colour, e.g. bottle caps, rocks,...) and team 1 gets three red balls. The goal of the game is to have three in a row as quickly as possible, horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


The first players of team 1 and team 2 start running at the same time. They each need to put their balls in one of the squares and run back as quickly as possible to tag the second player of their team.


The second player of each team then runs as quickly as possible to put the second ball in one of the squares and runs back to tag the third player of his team.


Then, the third player of each team runs as quickly as possible to put the third ball of the team in the grid.


The fastest team to form 3 in a row, wins the game!


If none of the teams have been able to form 3 in a row yet after the first three players have run, the fourth player of each team has to run as quickly as possible to move one of his team's balls. Then, the fifth player in line can run, etc. until one of the teams is able to form 3 in a row.


You can draw a grid of four by four or five by five to make the game a bit more difficult.

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