United Colours

A fun group game, resulting in randomly, democratically formed teams for further activities in team per colour to create group dynamics.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Bracelets in for instance 3 different colours
  • Carpet with tiles in different colours (reusable, water-resistant material suitable for different surfaces)
  • Solid objects in the colours of the bracelets (f. ex. a ball, an empty coloured bottle...)
  • A timer

A step-by-step guide to play the game




Form a circle with all the participants in an enthusiastic way.


One street educator (SE) stands in the centre of the circle and explains the rules.


Three SE step out of the circle. Each SE has one colour of bracelets with them. Three objects will be distributed.


The SE in the middle gives a sign to the kids to pass the objects to their neighbour (right side). Stop when the SE shouts “stop”.


The child holding the object steps out of the circle and receives his or her bracelet in the colour of the object from the SE outside the circle.




Put the colourful carpet on the floor and let one team stand around it.


The kids have to stand on the carpet with both feet on two tiles of the same colour. This as fast as they can.


The SE says 3, 2, 1 and starts the timer.


Stop the timer when every child of the team stands with two feet on the carpet.


While playing, the others are stimulated to encourage and support the playing team.


Play the game with the other teams.


  • To make part 1 more fun, you can vary the passing true (f. ex. sitting on your knees, standing on one leg, passing the object behind your back, close your eyes...).
  • To repeat part 2, you can give the teams different instructions (f. ex. stand on the carpet with one leg, with two teams at one...).
  • After this game, the kids each have a team colour. You can decide to work with them throughout the mobile school session to give them extra focus, affection and special attention.

Specific learning objectives

  • Stimulates connection
  • Creates sense of belonging
  • Creates team spirit
  • Cooperative competition
  • Learning to take responsibility for each other

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