Yes We Cans

An active game to discover & develop (new) talents in teams.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Cardboard
  • Coloured paper (3 colours)
  • 9 empty cans
  • A soft ball

Make it yourself


Step 1

Create 3 cardboard shelves
  • Cut out 3 strokes of cardboard that will function as shelves

Step 2

Stick the shelves to the large cardboard
  • Colour the background of the large cardboard in three different colours. You can use the coloured paper.

Step 3

Cover the 9 cans
  • Cover each time 3 cans in a different colour, according to the background of the large cardboard.

Step 4

Stick images to the cans
  • Three cans with the same colour have images on maths, drawing, comparing (cognitive skills).
  • Three cans with the same colour have images on running/ carrying something/ doing the wheelbarrow (physical skills).
  • Three cans with the same colour have images on throwing a ball in a bucket / catching a ball / balancing (psychomotor skills).
Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Divide the children in 2 teams and write the names of the teams on the blackboard or on a piece of paper in 2 columns, so you can write down the scores during the game.


Explain the game to the children and go over the different skills per category.


All children choose the talent/skill they think they're best at of the 9 skills depicted on the cans.


One child tries to hit the can picturing his chosen talent/skill with a soft ball.


The child will play the corresponding game against one child of the other team. If he hits a different can, he will play the game corresponding to that can anyways, since that way he can possibly discover new talents or skills.


The child who wins the game, gets 1 point.


The game is over when all the players of the group have played a game. The team who scored the most points, wins.

Extra game information

On a cardboard background, 3 cardboard shelves are made in different colours. Each colour refers to a specific category of talents/skills: e.g.

  • blue = cognitive,
  • yellow = physical
  • red = psychomotor skills.

On each shelf, there are 3 empty cans of the same colour, depicting an image of a specific talent/skill in that category, e.g.:

  • Cognitive: maths/ drawing/ comparing
  • Physical: running/ carrying something/ doing the wheelbarrow
  • Psychomotor skills: throwing a ball in a bucket / catching a ball / balancing


You can easily vary the game by changing the pictures on the can and you can easily add different categories of talents and/or skills, e.g. creativity.

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