Squirrels and trees

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One person is the caller. All other players get into groups of three.


Two people from each group form a tree: they stand facing each other and join hands. The third player crouches underneath the tree and becomes the squirrel.


The caller can shout one of these three things:

  1. "Hunter!": All the squirrels have to run to a new tree. The caller tries to steal the place of a squirrel. The person left without a tree becomes the new caller.
  2. "Fire!": The trees move to a new squirrel. They must find a new partner to create a tree over one of the squirrels. The caller tries to steal the place of a tree. The person left out becomes the new caller.
  3. "Earthquake!": All players have to move and take a new position as either a tree or a squirrel. Again the caller steals someones place and the person left out becomes the new caller.


  • Instead of squirrels, you can choose any animal or character you want.
  • Discussion: After the game, you can talk about the value of friendship and the right of every being to have a safe place for himself.
  • Running squirrels & trees: This game should be played with an even number of players. One player is the game leader. All other players imagine they are squirrels and they start running around. When he wants to, the game leader shouts: "Squirrels to your trees!". As quickly as possible, the players need to split up in groups of three. Two players will form the tree by holding each other's hands and the third player jumps inside. The squirrel who did not find his tree on time, is the next game leader, and so on.

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