Horse Racing

Ride your race, overcome all obstacles and be the first at the finish!

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The leader sits down facing the participants. He introduces the participants to the concept of horse races: beautiful and fast horses, stands with a screaming crowd, etc.


The race leader explains to the participants what obstacles they will overcome during the race:

  1. hooves patter - we clap on our knees,
  2. turn left - tilt the body to the left,
  3. turn right - we tilt the body to the right,
  4. one obstacle - one clap of hands,
  5. two, three obstacles- two or three claps of hands
  6. defeating the bridge - punching the chest
  7. mud - gentle clapping of hands on the cheeks,
  8. rushes - sssss sound with the mouth with rubbing lips,
  9. screaming children - shouts and waving hands,
  10. cheering gentlemen - waving your right hand, left hand as binoculars by the eye and calli
  1. railroad crossing: lowering the hand in front of the face, the sound of a passing train, raising the hand from the front.
  2. Coca-Cola advertisement: we hum "always Coca-Cola!"
  3. other ideas.

Participants are preparing for the race. At the sound of a PAF "gun" shot, they hit their knees with their hands and rush to the finish line.


The game ends when the participants reach the FINISH which the presenter announces.

Extra game information

It's important to build tension and competition in play.


Obstacles can be repeated any way you like.

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