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The group is standing in a circle, you count together 1 2 3 and on 3 everybody jumps and screams NINJAAA and strikes a ninja pose.


One player starts by swinging (in one smooth move) to another player his hands and must freeze in place once his attack is finished. Defending players may dodge it if they think they will be hit, and must also freeze once the attack is finished. Now it's the turn of the next player (clockwise).


If the hand of a player is hit, that hand is out (place it behind your back). If both hands are out you have to leave the circle.

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Koen Verrecht

Education Advisor VVOB - education for development VN

25 September, 2019


This is such a fun game! It's a great energizer, ice-breaker, or for when you have 5-10 minutes to fill. Thanks for adding this, Amber!

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