Circle Circus

A social circus game, based on coordination, comunication and group bounding.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Juggling balls (or any kind of small object that you could trow)

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Make a circle with the group and give a ball to everyone in the circle.


Make pairs. Point with your finger to the person that is in front of you. This person will be your partner.


Give every pair of persons a number: "Couple number 1, couple number 2, couple number 3..."

The last number will be "All together".


Trow the ball to your partner when it is your pair's turn. Wait to hear your number to trow the ball to your partner.

The last number will be "all together" so we also trow the ball to our partner with the last number.

Extra game information

It's a very dynamic and fun game, that will work with almost every age.

Coordination, communication, motor skills and patience are the main constructs that you will work playing this game.

It's very fun moment when we all trow the ball.


There are endless variations for this game. You could add a chain of movements after you trow the ball.


-Trow the ball and later clap.

-Trow the ball and change place with your partner.

-Trow the ball and make a turn.

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