Rock Paper Scissors Hoop Hop Showdown

This easy, active game is a fun twist on the classic game of rock, paper, scissors!

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Hula hoops or chalk

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Take hula hoops and place them in a path on the floor or draw circles on the floor with chalk. Add some curves to the path to make the game more fun!


Split the group into two teams. Team 1 and team 2 line up at opposing ends of the hula hoops/circles.


On "Go!" the first person of each team starts hopping, both feet together, from one hula hoop/circle to the next until they meet each other.


When they meet, they play the game of rock paper scissors until someone wins. The winner of rock paper scissors can continue hopping on his path. The loser falls off the path and goes back to his team's line.


The second person of the losing team then needs to start hopping as quickly as possible, until he meets the player of the other team. Again, they play the game of rock, paper, scissors. Whoever wins, continues hopping. Whoever loses, jumps out of the line and needs to be replaced by the next person of his team as quickly as possible.


If a player of a team reaches the end of the path, his team scores a point. The team with most points at the end of the game, wins the game!

Extra game information

If you don't have hula hoops and it is not possible to write on the ground with chalk either, you can use tape to make crosses on the ground or whatever objects are at hand to replace the hula hoops/circles.


You can create multiple paths with the hula hoops, so multiple teams can play at the same time.

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Mobile School NPO

Mobile School NPO BE

30 October, 2019


Such a fun game and the kids really loved it!

Lore Stanson


23 March, 2021


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