The Adjective Name Game

A simple and fun icebreaker to learn each other's names.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


All players form a circle. They think of one word that describes them as a person, but there's a catch! The word must start with the same letter as their name.


Let's say, for example, that Vivian starts the game. She could say: "Hello, my name is vivacious Vivian".


The second player, Vivian's neighbour, must first repeat Vivian's name and adjective before saying her own. So she would say, for example: "Hello, vivacious Vivian. My name is sociable Sophie."


Then it's the third player's turn, for example: “Hello vivacious Vivian and sociable Sophie. My name is attentive Adriene."


The game ends when the last player has stated all the adjectives and names of the players before him.

Extra game information

This is a great game to play in a foreign language class as well. You could ask the children to prepare by looking words up in a dictionary if they don't know many adjectives yet.


  • After everyone has stated their names and adjectives, you can switch things up and ask players to throw a ball at another player (not their neighbour) and say their adjectives and names.
  • Instead of an adjective, you can ask the players to come up with a substantive, a phrase or a sentence that describes them as well.

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