Why So Serious?

This simple and short group game is all about making each other smile!

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Tape (optional)

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Draw a line in the middle of the playing field. You can use tape when playing the game inside or draw a line on the ground with a stick or with chalk when playing the game outside.


Split the group in two.


The groups will stand on opposite sides of the line, facing each other. One group will be the jokers and one group will be the very serious people.


The jokers will try to make the very serious people laugh or smile by saying hello to them in any way possible. They cannot cross the line on the floor, but everything else is allowed.


When a very serious person starts laughing or smiling, they become a joker themselves and cross to the other side of the line. Now, they will also try to make the remaining very serious people laugh or smile.


The last very serious person standing, is the winner!


A fun variation on this game is: "Dead Cow".

One player is the farmer. All other players play dead cows and lie down. The farmer needs to make the dead cows laugh, without touching them. If a cow laughs, he becomes a farmer as well, trying to make the other cows laugh. The last cow still lying down, wins the game and becomes the next farmer.

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