Put your vocabulary and spelling knowledge to the test during this fun word game.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


All players from a circle.


Player 1 starts by saying a letter, the first letter of an existing word he has in mind.


Player 2 then adds a letter, again having a word in mind already.


Player 3 adds a letter, and so on.


If a player finishes a word by adding a letter, e.g. adding "E" to A-P-P-L, then he is out.


If a player thinks the previous player is bluffing and does not have a word in mind, he can challenge that player. If he does have an existing word in mind, he can stay and the player that challenged him is out; if not he's out and the player that challenged him can stay.


You cannot use proper nouns and the words you come up with need to be longer than three letters.


Have fun!

Extra game information

  • This game was created by Youth Ministry Great Games.
  • This is a really fun way to practise spelling and vocabulary, for example in foreign language classes.
  • This games is perfect to play on road trips as well, since you don't need anything at all to play it!

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