The Crazy 7

Challenging and fun game to develop attention and math skills

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


All players form a circle (sitting or standing). The game is played with a minimum of 4 players.


The player who starts says the number 1 out loud. The player on his right says the number 2, and so on until number 7 comes up. Instead of saying the number 7 out loud, the player has to clap his hands.


Whenever the number 7, a multiple of the number 7 (e.g. 14) or a number ending in 7 (e.g. 17) comes up, players clap instead of saying the number out loud. With each clap, the direction of the count changes.


When the player claps, the count continues, but in the opposite direction. When a mistake is made, so when a players says the number 7, a multiple of 7 or a number ending in 7 out loud instead of clapping or when a player forgets to change the direction of the count after a clap, the game is restarted and that player has one strike.


Another player restarts the game and continues until someone else makes a mistake. When a player has three strikes, he is out. The game is won by whoever is last.

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