I believe in my dreams

An easy rotation disc game to encourage children to think positively about their future and to boost their ability to dream.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Carton board
  • Arrow and split pin
  • Magazines

Make it yourself


Step 1

Make the game board

Cut out a square of a carton board and divide the board into four equal parts. Leave open space in the middle to attach the arrow. Alternatively, you can also use the rotation disc of the mobile school as a template.


Step 2

Add images to the four categories

Now, find images of professions, sports, arts & culture or any other category you like and paste them to the carton board. This way you will get four categories. Leave a small blank space in the middle of each category so children can add things which are not shown on the images.


Step 3

Attach the arrow

To conclude, cut an arrow from your carton board and attach it to the middle of the panel. This way, you can spin the arrow so it can land on one of the four categories.

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Turn the disc or the arrow on the game board. The arrow will land on one of the four categories.


Ask one player to explain what his or her dream is within this category. Also make sure to ask and reflect how he/she would be able to realise this dream and which steps need to be taken.


If the arrow lands on one of the blank spaces in the middle of each category, the child can use its imagination.

Extra game information

This game was developed during a StreetwiZe leadership programme, in collaboration with a Red Cross centre for asylum seekers.

Make sure to ask positive, constructive questions so the the child can forget the past, negative experiences and can focus on his/her positive dreams in the future.

Specific learning objectives

Reflect on your dreams and how to realise them

What people said about this game

Sander Degeling

Partnership Coordinator Africa & Asia StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

2 September, 2022


I love the fact the game focusses on opportunities and future orientation! It aims to leave the negative experiences behind and to focus on positive things that are still in front of us. Moreover, the rotation disc is an easy methodology to open up the discussion with children on what they want to become in live. Recommended!

Junieth Machado

StreetSmart Wheels Coordinator Latin America & Europe Mobileschool BE NI

2 September, 2022


I really recommend this game, personally, I have experienced the importance of dreaming. I was selling on the streets from 8 to 16 years old, but I followed my dreams, and became a communication professional. I think it is a great and fun game to play with kids and youth to talk openly about their dreams and the steps they need to take to achieve it, even in highly complex situations.

Rob Sweldens

Manager StreetSmart Mobile School NPO BE

5 September, 2022


Looks like an easy game mechanic which can help children to dream and think about their future! Nicely done!

Elke Claes

Kindergarten teacher De Groene School BE

6 September, 2022


Fun game where children are challenged to think about the future. The game stimulates dreams and focuses on the positive through targeted questions. As a game leader it is easy to build and there is also room for contribution from the players.

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