Animals • Movements & sounds

Learn and memorise animal movements and sounds with this rotation disc.

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Everything you need to play this game

Make it yourself


Step 1

Print the rotation disc

Print the rotation disc template attached. Make sure it is printed in full size, or it is scaled the same way as the panel you will use it with.


Step 2

Cut out the rotation disc and make holes

Cut out the red disc and cut or pinch out the white holes so that answers will be visible through the holes of the rotation disc.


Step 3

Attach the rotation disc to the panel

Attach the disc to a panel with a split pin. Make sure the arrow is visible. You can now see the answers through the white holes while spinning the rotation disc!

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


The players stand in a circle facing each other.


The first player spins the disc to choose an animal and thinks of a particular gesture and sound to represent the animal. Afterwards, he portrays it for the other players, e.g. elephant: make a trumpet sound and imitate the trunk with your arms.


All other players imitate the gesture and the sound to memorise it.


Repeat this process with all the players.


When all the players have their specific gesture and sound, ask them to repeat it one more time for the group.


Choose one player to start. This player portrays his animal (gesture and sound), and then portrays someone else's animal.


The player representing that animal now continues the game, by first portraying his animal and then the animal of another player, etc.


Continue the game and speed it up until someone forgets the correct gesture or sound or simply pauses too long. If that happens, everyone moves one space to the left in the circle and adopts the animal of the person who previously stood in that position.

Extra game information


The panel depicts eleven adult animals and their babies; three red, yellow, blue and green squares; two white squares with hands and two black squares with feet.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn about the sounds and movements of different animals.
  • Train memory.

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