Animal Test

Can you link the animal to its natural habitat? Try it out yourself during this interactive rotation disc game.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Animal rotation disc
  • Natural habitat panel

Make it yourself


Step 1

Make the animal rotation disc

Create a rotation disc and pick some animals to put around the disc. Attach the disc with a split pin so you can rotate the disc over the panel.


Step 2

Make the natural habitat panel

Create a panel with several natural habitats that can be linked to the animals on your rotation disc. Add the names of the habitats in different languages if you want to add a language element to the game.

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Put both panels on two different sides (of a mobile school), so they are not visible for all players at the same time. Ask one group of players to be in front of the rotation disc, the others stay in front of the natural habitat panel.


This group of players spin the rotation disc, and the arrow will land on one of the animals. Now, one player has to act out this animal, by making the movements and sounds of this animal.


The other team members try to guess which animal was acted out. If they guessed it correctly, they try to link it to the natural habitat on the panel in front of them. If they succeed, the team wins one point. If they didn't guess the right animal, the point goes to the other team.


The game ends when all the animals were acted out.

Extra game information

This game was developed during a StreetwiZe leadership program with employees of Exellys, in collaboration with the Red Cross centre for asylum seekers in Pelt.


Other animals and habitats can be added depending on your own local context!

What people said about this game

Sander Degeling

Partnership Coordinator Africa & Asia StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

23 November, 2022


The concept of the game is really simple, aimed towards younger children, but the visuals are really beautiful as you can see in the images! The methodology allows you to add an activity on language as well, and it’s easy to adapt the game to your local context by changing the images. Definitely worth a try!

Elke Claes

Kindergarten teacher De Groene School BE

23 November, 2022


Great game with many opportunities! The players are challenged to move, by portraying the animals. Furthermore, they compete in 2 teams, which ensures the necessary competition. And finally, they learn more about the animals in their environment, because they link them to their correct habitat.

Pam Franken

StreetSmart Impact Coordinator StreetSmart • Mobile School vzw BE

29 November, 2022


A fun game with different dimensions and thus different possibilities (movement, learning about the animals in their local context, competition ...). A suggestion for some variation: instead of acting out the animal, let children describe the animal without using the name of the animal itself, or let them use sounds only, or ...

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