Symphony Safari

Spin the discs with instruments and animals and act out the results during this creative game.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Rotation disc with 12 instruments
  • Rotation disc with 12 animals
  • Chalk (to mark a space on the ground)

Make it yourself


Step 1

Create the two rotation discs

Make a disc with different instruments on it. Add an arrow and a split pin so participants can turn the disc. Do the same with the second disc, but add animals instead of instruments.

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


To start the game, draw 2 lines on the ground - not to far from each other. Between these lines, players will need to act out the instruments and the animals from the discs.


Ask a player to spin the disc with instruments. The arrow will land on a specific instrument: f.ex. a trumpet. Then ask the player to walk between the lines while acting out a trumpet.


Then, ask the same player to spin the disc with animals: f.ex. a dog. Again, the player acts out the dog while walking between the two lines.


As a third step, the player needs to combine both the instrument and the animal, in this case: a dog that plays trumpet. The players try to act it out as creatively as possible.


Optionally, you can ask the other players to give a score to the other players. Be careful this might be disempowering as well! The game ends when all the players have acted out at least 1 combination.

Extra game information

This game was developed during a StreetwiZe open leadership programme, in collaboration with the Red Cross centre for asylum seekers in Pelt.

What people said about this game

Pam Franken

StreetSmart Impact Coordinator StreetSmart • Mobile School vzw BE

1 December, 2023


This game is a fun and imaginative way to get players acting out creative combinations!

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