Life Trial

An innovative game about finding the best way and making the best choices to find your dream job.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Large cardboard
  • Two large ropes
  • Split pins
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Pencils
  • Paper

Make it yourself


Step 1

Take the large cardboard and define the start place
  • Write 'Start' in one corner of the cardboard.

Step 2

Draw or cut out images related to the life of a child/ teenager
  • You can draw images yourself.
  • You can cut out images from magazines.
  • We used images like: school, party, violence, prison, illness, training, internships, jobs, resumee, drugs, life on the streets, holidays, money, ...

Step 3

Stick the images to the large cardboard
  • Spread the images out on the cardboard. Put them in a logical order, the way you could be confronted with them in your life.

Step 4

Put split pins with each image.
  • If you group some images because they are about the same topic, than you only should use one split pin.
Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Attach 2 long ropes to the starting point on the board.


Ask 1 player to describe his dream job: "This is where I want to be at the finish."


The player takes one rope at the starting point and spins it around the split pins of the choices he has made until that moment, in chronological way: I went to school, but I got in a fight and I was put in an institution etc. Ask the player to explain why he chose each step.


The player now takes the second rope and uses it to mark the fastest/ ideal way to get to his dream job, e.g.: it would be good to go to school, do an internship etc.

Again, ask the player to explain why he chooses the steps taken.


Ask the player to compare both trails and to reflect on how he can achieve his dream job from where he is now. What can he do to get there?

Extra game information

A cardboard game depicting various stages of life, e.g.: school, internships, work...


Use different ropes to indicate all the different ways you can get from the start to the child's dream job and reflect on the pro's and con's of each way.

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