The Wheel of Choices

An approachable group game to open discussions on important choices in life and the consequences.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • 2 cardboards
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Split pin
  • cardboard
  • 2 images of positive life choices

Make it yourself


Step 1

Game board 1: Choices
  • Cut out the cardboard in a square.
  • Cut out an arrow from the rest of the cardboard.
  • Now stick 9 images of life choices around the arrow: f.ex violence, saying 'no', attendance, respect people, drugs, self-care, prostitution, school, robbery, job
  • Attach the arrow with the split pin in the middle of the card board.

Step 2

Game board 2: choices matrix
  • Take your second cardboard and cut it as well in a square.
  • Use the same 9 images on this second board, but in a different order than on the first game board.

Step 3

  • Cut the images of positive life choices in jigsaw pieces.
Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Put the two panels of the game next to each other (on the mobile school).


Ask the children to line up in 2 teams in front of the school. The first child of one line plays against the first child of the other line.


Turn the arrow on the first game board. The arrow will point to an image, each representing an important choice in life, for example 'Steal something'.


Ask the 2 players (the first ones of each row) to find the image the arrow ended on in the overview panel as quickly as possible.


Ask the winner to explain why they think people sometimes make the choice the image is about and what are the possible consequences of it.

For example:

  • People might steal because they don't have any money to buy food, but the consequences might be that they feel bad or go to prison.

The other player can give his opinion afterwards. The other children in the lines observe and can be involved when the kids in front are stuck.


The winner gets one piece of a puzzle (of 6 pieces) and takes it to the team.


Both kids join the line again at the end. The two kids in front now play the next round.


The game ends when one team has gathered all the pieces of their puzzle (a different puzzle per group). When they complete the puzzle, they discover a new (positive) image, for example of a house and a family. You can end with a group

discussion on how important the kids think this is in life and what they want to achieve themselves.


  • You can easily change the pictures, so other possible life choices can be discussed.
  • Make the puzzle larger or different in case you have more players or players who already played the game multiple times.

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