Love Twister

A game during which players share perspectives and experiences and reflect upon their lives and needs, while playing an energising game of Twister.

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Chalk to draw a twister carpet on a street or a prepainted twister carpet
  • A game board for the mobile school or wall, having a spinning wheel indicating a choice between themes
  • Topic cards, covering dilemma's and questions on the chosen theme

Make it yourself


Step 1

Twister carpet

The twister carpet consists of a matrix of 4 by 4, with colored dots chalked on it. The colors can be freely chosen. Ensure dots are not too close to each other, and not too far either to make sure interactions are possible during the game.


Step 2

Game board

Create a game board, covering the different themes. Fix a spinning wheel to choose between themes. For example:

  • Racism
  • Sports
  • Addiction
  • Friends
  • Hygiene
  • Food & drinks

Step 3

Topic cards

Create topic cards, covering dilemmas or questions on the chosen themes mentioned above. The chosen dilemma always has multiple, possible answers which are linked to a move you need to make on the Twister pitch.

For example: Question on topic 'sports':

Do you like sports?

YES -> Right foot on blue

NO -> Left foot on yellow

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


A facilitator spins the wheel and takes a topic card from the theme where the spinning wheel stops. Read the dilemma and the possible answers aloud. Give the choices to the team that's playing on the Twister carpet.


Players make the appropriate move with the corresponding answer. Repeat this step until a player or team falls down or is not able to make the move.


Have some discussions or reflections on the chosen answers after the game. You can also do the reflection during the Twister game, which makes it harder for the player to focus on their positions (but might have an influence on the reflections and discussions).

Extra game information

Make sure not to force the kids to answer the questions if they think it's too personal.

Specific learning objectives

Reflect on different relevant themes

What people said about this game


Programs of development, social support and medical cooperation PRAKSIS NGO GR

6 February, 2020


Not very clear instructions but a very nice idea

Mobile School NPO

Mobile School NPO BE

27 February, 2020


The Love Twister is a good variation on already existing Twister games! However, the questions are selected carefully so children are encouraged not to judge the other participants. The topics for discussion (such as racism, friends and addiction) are well chosen and really relevant for the context of children in street situations. Make sure to prepare the board and dilemmas carefully before you start playing.

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