The InterZande Quiz

An educative, international, memory competition between two teams. What do you know about our world?

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Everything you need to play this game

Make it yourself


Step 1

Create the board

The board can be made on carton or paper. Create two playing fields in grids. Columns can be:

  • Countries
  • Flags
  • Food
  • Capital
  • Monuments

Answers are always placed in the columns in a random order. You can draw the different things yourself or you can use images/digitize it. You use post-its or something else to hide the answers so it turns into a memory game.

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Create two teams


Both teams have their own grid. The first player of each team starts with the first country. He/she tries to find all the characteristics that are linked to that specific country. Attention: there is always one right answer per column.


Use the auto correction system to check the answer yourself by counting all the numbers next to the answers. If the total sum is equal to the number next to the country, your answer is correct!


The player who completes the grid first wins a point for his/her team.


Close again all the answers so the game will also become a memory game. The second player will now try to complete the grid for the second country.


The game ends when all the countries are covered.


Give an extra point to the players who can point to their country on the world map.

Specific learning objectives

The goal of the game is to gain knowledge about the world in a fun way. You will also train your memory and be in a competition.

What people said about this game

Mobile School NPO

Mobile School NPO BE

27 February, 2020


This is a well designed game, perfect to learn more about the world in a fun and competitive way! The auto correction system makes it easy for youngsters to immediately check their answers. The quiz can be combined with a blind map to add an extra dimension to the game. Similar games already exists, but the InterZande quiz surely is a fun game to play!

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