Mi casa es tu casa

Use your talents to play different games, get rewarded and cozy up your home with your earnings!

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Everything you need to play this game

  • Colored paper
  • Color markers
  • Crayons
  • Split pin
  • Carton
  • Glue
  • Dice
  • Chalk
  • Crown caps
  • Cards with pictionary assignments (things to draw)
  • Short geography quiz (or supplementary geography panel)
  • Short mathematics quiz (or supplementary math panel)
  • Supplementary panel on storytelling

Make it yourself


Step 1

Draw the houses

Take a carton board or large paper and draw 4 houses in the 4 corners of the panel.


Step 2

Create the disk

Draw a disk in the middle of the panel. Divide the disk in eight parts, and add colors to represent the different tasks that need to be done. For example: singing, mathematics, luck, intelligence, speed, talking, geography ... Give each task a specific colour and agree on a value you can win if you complete this task.


Step 3

Finish the board: add wallets and items to shop

Make four envelopes and attach them to the board. Make small cards with different objects you can buy. Give a value to all of these objects.

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Each player spins the wheel of fortune in the middle of the panel. The arrow indicates the game that needs to be played.


Play the game as indicated by the arrow. If the player(s) succeed, he/she/they receive the amount of money assigned to the game, as indicated on the wheel of fortune. The money is represented by crown caps. Each crown cap is worth 50 euros.


Each player saves his/her money in their wallet on the panel.


Each player can use the money in his/her wallet to buy things for their house, to make it their home. Examples of things that can be bought are food, a fridge, a bed, a bike, a TV, a playstation, etc. Each player makes the trade-off what to spend his/her money on.

Extra game information

Examples of games that can be included on the wheel of fortune:

  • "1 2 3 piano" - all players participate; the player who wins the game receives the money
  • OXO - the player who spinned the wheel can challenge another player; the winner of the game receives the money
  • "Sing a song" - the player who spinned the wheel receives the money if (s)he sings a song of their choice
  • Geography quiz - the player who spinned the wheel answers 3 geography questions; if (s)he knows all 3 answers, (s)he receives the money
  • Rolling the dice - the player who spinned the wheel can roll the dice; (s)he receives 50 euros multiplied by the number of eyes on the dice
  • Pictionary - the player who spinned the wheel draws; both the player who draws and the player who guesses it right get the money
  • Math quiz - the player who spinned the wheel answers a short math quiz; if (s)he knows all the right answers, (s)he receives the money
  • "Tell a story" - the player who spinned the wheel tells a story and gets the money


Instead of making your own geography or math quiz, existing panels on the mobile school can be used. Also for telling a story, players could use existing panels or other games on the StreetSmart Play.

What people said about this game

Mobile School NPO

Mobile School NPO BE

27 February, 2020


Awesome game! Fun combination of different activities during which you can earn money. The earnings are then used to purchase items for your home. By doing so, the game allows you to reflect with young people about budgeting, needs and wants and which items are important to them to create a cosy home. Feel free to adapt the activities on the disk to your local context.

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