How to print game boards sustainably?

Game boards from StreetSmart Play can enhance the impact of your interactions with your target group but printing them sustainably is key. This tutorial will guide you through the printing process.


Step 1

Download the game board file

Start by downloading the game board file from StreetSmart Play.


Step 2

Print at original size

The game board is available in its original size, so print it at 100% view.


Step 3

Choose your material

Consider printing on forex (3 mm) for outdoor use, as it's weatherproof, lightweight, and flexible. However, if you plan to use the board indoors, materials like cardboard, foamboard or tarpauline are also suitable options. Just make sure to choose the best available material for your context!


Step 4

Find a printshop

If you are not planning on printing the game board on paper with your own printer, then you can also send your files to a local printshop. Discuss your needs with the printshop.


Step 5

Specify screw hole placement

If the game board should be suitable for the mobile school, then you should clearly mention to the printshop the place where they should make holes.


Step 6


Printing game boards sustainably not only enhances your gaming experience but also contributes to a greener world. Enjoy your games responsibly!

Good job!

Contact Information

For any printing-related questions or additional support, don't hesitate to contact us at

Recommended printshops

Consider using or, both of which offer free delivery in Belgium. Or check out the offer of who offers fast shipping to Europe and worldwide. Please check their shipping speed for your chosen destination. Of course, printing the game boards locally is the most sustainable solution at all.

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