COVID-19 PACKAGE - Business • Business Overview

The streets are still bustling! Reflect with your target group on the differences in doing business before, during and after the pandemic.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Divide the group of players in two and ask the two groups to quickly discover the business overview panel.


Hand out a paper and a pen to both groups. Now ask them to write down 10 situations they see on the panel that have changed during the pandemic. For example: on the panel I see there are a lot of people standing close to each other in the market, now this is not possible anymore due to the physical distancing restrictions ...


After 10 minutes, both groups present their findings. If they can argument why they have indicated a situation, they get one point. The team with the most points wins the activity, but be careful! The reflection about the differences and the consequences of the pandemic are way more important than the scoreboard.


If necessary, pose additional questions after the activity. The following questions can help you:

  • Do you work? How do you earn money? Which profession?
  • How did the pandemic impact your work?
  • What are the advantages/disadvantages of the pandemic for businesses?
  • How would the pandemic affect the fisherman, market seller, street artist, hotel owner ...?
  • Can you come up with ideas to adapt your business to the new situation?

Extra game information

This activity is a part of the COVID-19 package. The package aims to give youth workers the tools to discuss the consequences of the pandemic with their target group. The COVID-19 overview panel is the starting point for all the discussions. After playing the overview panel, extra activities on the seven different topics are available to dive deeper into the matter. 

This panel is an overview panel that links together all elements of the Street Business Tool Kit. First, different business concepts are presented (e.g. supply chains, business interactions, attracting customers, understanding the market, …). In the center of the panel, you can see the main discussion board with different types of places and locations, e.g. a village, a market place, the street, a tourist area, … Several types of businesses are shown in a total of 68 different situations that can feed the discussion. On the left side of the panel there are four individual illustrations extracted from the main discussion board, which portrays an example of a possible market chain. On the right side of the panel there are seven individual illustrations extracted from the main discussion board, to use as a search-and-discuss game. The detailed panel offers a chance to reflect with the participants the economic impact of the pandemic for children and youth working on the streets.

The COVID-19 crisis impacts on both the demand and the supply sides of the labour market, and it has major implications for the goal of ensuring full employment and decent work. In particular, the crisis is pushing many families into poverty and increasing existing inequalities.


  • Link the panel to the COVID-19 Overview Panel and ask the children if they can find businesses or characters that were impacted by the pandemic from an economical point of view.
  • Roleplay: ask a player to act out a situation on the panel. The other players try to find the situation. Then, ask the player to act it out again, taking into account the restrictions taken during the pandemic.
  • Drawing: repeat the same exercise mentioned above, but draw the situation on a paper or board.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn about the economical consequences of the pandemic and how to cope with the new situations
  • Learn how to adapt and be flexible in a harsh socio-economical context

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