The Weekend

Experience the impact of eye-contact firsthand during this short and easy exercise.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Split the group in pairs. One player will be A, the other player will be B. Players A and B of each pair will face each other.


Player A will now start talking about his weekend to player B: how it was, what he did, with whom,... Player B will listen, but he will do so while bending forward (head & shoulders down, not making eye-contact). 


Reverse the roles: now player B will talk about his weekend to player A, while player A is bending forward.


Reflect on the exercise: How did you feel when you were doing the talking/listening? Did you try to make contact in a different way (by bending down yourself as well, for example)? How important is eye-contact in a conversation, according to you? How comfortable are you with making eye-contact? etc.

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