🇺🇦 Write the word • The last letters are there

Look for the missing letters and copy the Ukrainian words with this language fill out poster.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


The player looks at the first picture and identifies it.


He then looks at the last letters of the word that are given next to the picture and tries to say the word that needs to be filled in. If this is too difficult, you can help the player by saying the word yourself.


The player completes the word by filling in the missing letters.


Then, the player writes the full word on the blackboard next to the panel.


The player continues with the next exercise, until he has written down all 20 words.

Extra game information

This panel is part of the basic LANGUAGE-package in Ukrainian, developed in April 2022. The panels allow youth workers to interact in a simple and fun way with children fleeing the conflict in Ukraine, in order to build a solid connection and trust relationship with them.


Cover the word. The player writes it down without looking at the letters.

Specific learning objectives

  • Associate visual objects with their written form.
  • Learn and apply letter-sound relationships.
  • Learn common language patterns.

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