No time to waste

An exciting competition game developing group cooperation

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Everything you need to play this game

  • ball

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Divide the group into two groups. Prepare a running route for group 2.


Group 1 sits in a circle. Group 2 stands in a row, ready to run the route.


Give a signal. Group 1 starts passing the ball around the circle as quick as possible.


At the same time, the first in row of Group 2 starts running the route. After finishing, the second in row of Group 2 can start running.


Count the amount of times the ball has been passed around the circle in Group 1, till the last player of Group 2 has run the route.


Switch roles. Group 1 starts running and Group 2 passes the ball after giving the signal.


The winner of the game is the group that was able to pass the ball around the most.

What people said about this game

Andrei Craciun

Psychologist Save the Children Iasi RO

9 September, 2019


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