Conflict Prevention

Action-reaction! Reflect about different conflict situations and the consequences of your actions with these 3 accessible conflict prevention boards.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Print out the three conflict prevention boards and put them next to each other. Put the situations on the left (A), the reactions in the middle (B) and the consequences on the right (C).


Ask one child from a group of 3 to 5 children to identify one of the situations. After explaining the situation, the player thinks about how he/she would react or respond to this situation.


Look for the given reaction on the second 'reactions' panel. If the reaction is there, connect the situation of the first board with the reaction on the second board. If the reaction is not displayed on the second board, write or draw it below the given reactions and connect it with the corresponding situation from board 1.


Now, think about how this reaction would be perceived and what the consequence of your reaction might be. Look for the consequence on the third board. If the consequence is portrayed, connect it by drawing a line between the reaction and the consequence. If it's not there, write or draw it below the given consequences and connect.


After connecting the three elements, open up a discussion with the group about the situations. Ask questions like:

  • Are some actions/reactions better than others?
  • Which is the best reaction in this situation?
  • Is there another possibility?
  • How is it that a message sometimes is perceived differently by somebody else?
  • How can you prevent or solve this?

The game ends when all the situations are connected and discussed.

Extra game information

These three long small board each portray six situations. The situation panel (CREA TIPO B #8A) has different start situations, the reaction panel (CREA TIPO B #8B) portrays several possible ways to react and the consequence panel (CREA TIPO B #8C) shows us what the possible consequences of this reaction may be.


Theatre: a theatre scene is made with chalk or tape. Six participants are split up in three couples of two children. A first couple chooses a situation from the first situation panel, a second couple chooses a situation from the second reaction board and the third couple picks a situation from the third consequences board. IMPORTANT! Everyone keeps the chosen situation to themselves.

The first couple acts out their chosen start situation. The second couple claps their hands and replaces the first couple in the scene. They pick up

where the first couple left off and make up what follows (reaction), based on the situation they had chosen from the board. The third couple now claps their hands and replaces the second couple. They continue the play based on the situation they had chosen from the third board…

Afterwards, there is a discussion about the entire story and eventual other reactions, which could cause other consequences, are looked into.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn to judge the consequences of your actions and reactions and learn that there is always an action – reaction effect when people interact.
  • Learn to think before you react

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