The Sexuality Goose Game

This game board offers a variety of creative assignments to address sexuality in a fun way.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Divide the players into groups of max. 5 players and ask each group to place a pawn (an object of their choosing, e.g. a coin) on the white start symbol in the middle of the game board.


All groups throw the die. The group who throws the highest number can start the game (group 1).


Group 1 throws the die and moves their pawn accordingly in the direction of their choosing.


Group 1 assigns one player to complete the assignment that corresponds with the square they landed on (see additional game information for an explanation of the different assignments). Each round, the group needs to assign another player to perform the assignment.


Now group 2 throws the die, etc.


Since the panel is shaped like an eight, there is no clear end point.

  • You can play for a certain amount of time. The group with most points when time's up wins the game.
  • You can also agree that the group that completes the eight (or just one loop) and reaches the start symbol again first is the winner of the game.

During the game, take the time to give more information about specific terms or to discuss/reflect on situations, statements,...

Extra game information

Explanation of the assignments corresponding with the different symbols:

  1. Looking glass (light green) = SEARCH: The team leader gives the group 1 term. They have 1 minute to find an object they can associate with that word. They need to be able to explain how it can be associated, but they can be creative. E.g.: associate the term "safe sex" with a rain jacket or a bike helmet because those objects protect you.
  2. Text balloon (orange) = TABOO: The game leader gives the chosen player of the group one word to describe and 2 words he/she cannot use to describe it, e.g.: describe the word "pregnancy" without using the words "baby" and "nine months". The player's team gets 1 minute to guess the word. If they guess it, they get 1 point. If they don't, they loose their turn and the other groups can guess. The group that guesses the correct answer gets the point.
  3. Theater mask (dark green) = CHARADES: The game leader gives the chosen player 1 word to enact, e.g.: to be in love, a condom, to go on a date, to masturbate, ... The player's team gets 1 minute to guess the word. If they guess it, they get 1 point. If they don't, they loose their turn and the other groups can guess. The group that guesses the correct answer gets the point.
  4. Pencil (blue) = PICTIONARY: The game leader gives the player 1 word to draw, e.g.: webcam, penis, boobs, porn, sexting, homosexuality,... The player's team gets 1 minute to guess the word. If they guess it, they get 1 point. If they don't, they loose their turn and the other groups can guess. The group that guesses the correct answer gets the point.
  5. Clock (pink) = STORYTELLING: The game leader starts telling a story, e.g. "Two boys are walking on the street hand in hand." The group has to finish the story. Each player of the group can add 1 sentence. The final player needs to be able to wrap up the story. If they succeed, they get 1 point.
  6. Eye (red) = STARE DOWN COMPETITION: One of the players of the group challenges a player from another group to a stare down competition. Whoever blinks, turns away or starts laughing first loses. The other player scores 1 point for his/her team.
  7. Hand (white) = SKIP A TURN The group is out for one round.
  8. Die (white) = THROW AGAIN The group can throw the die again.


This activity is a part of the StreetSmart sexuality package. The package aims to give youth workers the tools they need to address the topic of sexuality in a playful way with the children and young people they work with, so they can learn to make conscious, healthy and respectful decisions.


Sexuality is a very broad term, encompassing various subtopics. Here, you can find a list of all activities included in our sexuality package to address these different topics:

  1. Sexuality in general: The Sex Alphabet, The Sexuality Goose Game, Yes or No Circle, Sexuality Statement Game
  2. Body (development): Anatomy fundamentals, Who has what?, Physical changes in puberty, Emotional changes in puberty, Life Cycle
  3. Boundaries: Stop!, People to People, Kiss the Teddy Bear, Body Carrousel, (Not) Okay?, Body Twister 
  4. Relationships: Choose Your Relationship, My Ideal Partner, In The Worst Way Possible
  5. Gender & sexual orientation: Labels, Sex Change, Who does what?
  6. Safe sex: The Synonym Game, Condom Smugglers, Goodie Bag, STD-Roulette, Can I get pregnant?
  7. Sex & media: Who is responsible?


  1. Age: You can easily adapt this game to be suitable for all ages by changing the words and situations used in the different assignments.
  2. Topic: If you want to address a specific subtopic of sexuality, e.g. gender or safe sex, adapt the words and situations accordingly.
  3. Possible assignment variations:
  • Clock: The game leaders shows one of the cards of the (Not) Okay card game and asks the group what happens next in this situation.
  • Text balloon 1: The game leader reads a statement, e.g. "If you wear a short skirt, it's your fault if you get unwanted attention". The players of the group need to phrase their opinion about the statement. Discuss the statement with the other players as well.
  • Text balloon 2: The game leader asks the group how they would react in a specific situation, e.g.: "How would you react if your boy-/girlfriend asks you to read the messages on your phone?", "How would you react if your boy-/girlfriend asks you to send him/her a nude?", etc. Discuss the answers afterwards and ask the other players if they would react in the same or in a different way.
  • Text balloon 3: The game leader describes a situation and asks the group to come up with ways to best express what needs to be expressed. An example: • Situation: "Oliver (17) is in bed with his girlfriend Carla (16). They are both very turned on and Oliver begins kissing and undressing Carla. Carla wants to make sure Oliver uses a condom. How can she ask him?". • Assignment for the group: Come up with one funny way, one seductive way and one serious way to ask Oliver to use a condom.
  • Theater mask: The game leader gives the group a situation and they need to act it out in a role-play. The other groups need to guess which situation they are enacting, e.g.: "a nude of a boy/girl is forwarded without permission and the next day, the entire school knows". Discuss the situations that are enacted afterwards. In this case, you could ask questions such as: Have you received a sext before? How can you sext in a safe way? What would you do if you received a nude from someone else without asking? etc.

Specific learning objectives

  • Get comfortable talking about sexuality.
  • Expand your vocabulary about sexuality.
  • Learn to express opinions and feelings.

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