Body Twister

Learn how to set and respect boundaries in a playful way.

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Everything you need to play this game

Make it yourself


Step 1

Make and attach the arrow

Cut out an arrow from a piece of paper or cardboard. Attach it to the printed out game board with a split pin.


Step 2

Draw a silhouette

Ask one of the players to stand in front of a wall or blackboard and ask one of the other players to draw his/her silhouette with chalk. You can also draw the silhouette on a piece of paper or cardboard.


Step 3

Divide the silhouette and colour it

Then ask the players to divide the drawn silhouette in 6 parts. For each of the 6 parts, ask a player to spin the arrow on the game board to choose a colour and ask which body part gets that particular colour: e.g.: the genital area is coloured red, because red stands for prohibited. Let the players colour the part in the chosen colour, until all parts have been coloured in. Optionally, you can just write down the chosen colour in each part.

Good job!

A step-by-step guide to play the game


One of the players spins the arrow to choose one of the four silhouettes in the corners of the game board* (see additional game info), e.g.: the silhouette in the top right-hand corner.


Player 1 spins the arrow a first time to choose a body part, e.g.: knee.


Player 1 spins the arrow a second time to choose a colour, e.g.: red.


On the chosen silhouette, the body parts coloured red are the arms and hands. This means player 1 has to touch the arms or hands of player 2 with his knee.


Now, player 2 spins the arrow two times to choose a body part and a colour, e.g.: nose and yellow. Player 2 now has to touch player 3's legs with his nose.


During the game, every player has the right to pass three times if he feels that his/her boundaries are being transgressed. The game leader writes down when all players use their passes.


As soon as one of the players has used up his/her three passes, the game is over and the game leader starts up the discussion.


The game leader discusses the game, the passes used and personal boundaries with the players:

  • Why did they use their passes?
  • Why did the player that used up his/her passes first use up all his/her passes? Is this a coincidence or does he/she easily/quickly set boundaries?
  • Do men and women set the same boundaries?
  • Is it easy to set your personal boundaries?
  • Does everybody have the same personal boundaries?
  • How can you communicate with others about your personal boundaries?
  • How can you make sure you respect others' personal boundaries?
  • ...

Extra game information

  • *If the arrow points to the silhouette in the left-hand corner, this means the players have to create a silhouette themselves (see materials).
  • This activity is a part of the StreetSmart sexuality package. The package aims to give youth workers the tools they need to address the topic of sexuality in a playful way with the children and young people they work with, so they can learn to make conscious, healthy and respectful decisions. Sexuality is a very broad term, encompassing various subtopics. Here, you can find a list of all activities included in our sexuality package to address these different topics:
  1. Sexuality in general: The Sex Alphabet, The Sexuality Goose Game, Yes or No Circle, Sexuality Statement Game
  2. Body (development): Anatomy fundamentals, Who has what?, Physical changes in puberty, Emotional changes in puberty, Life Cycle
  3. Boundaries: Stop!, People to People, Kiss the Teddy Bear, Body Carrousel, (Not) Okay?, Body Twister 
  4. Relationships: Choose Your Relationship, My Ideal Partner, In The Worst Way Possible
  5. Gender & sexual orientation: Labels, Sex Change, Who does what?
  6. Safe sex: The Synonym Game, Condom Smugglers, Goodie Bag, STD-Roulette, Can I get pregnant?
  7. Sex & media: Who is responsible? 


  • If you are not able to create an arrow, you can ask the children to choose a spot on the panel with their eyes closed as well. StreetSmart Wheels partners can place the rotation disc on top of the game board.
  • If touching each other is too difficult or feels unsafe for some of the players, you can (first) play the game with a drawn silhouette (see materials) and ask the players to touch the chosen body parts there instead of on another player.
  • To make the game a bit more challenging, you can add an additional rule: the players can't stop touching each other until it is their turn again.

Specific learning objectives

Learn how to set and respect personal/physical boundaries.

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