How to take care of a baby? Learn all about the do's and don'ts of baby care with the help of this simple health discussion panel.

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Gather the players in front of the panel and give them a few moments to identify the different situations. Give additional explanation if needed (see additional game information).


After exploring the panel, ask the children to formulate their opinion about the situations. Suggested questions:

  • What actions are beneficial for the development of the baby? Which are not? Are some of the situations risky? Why? Why not?
  • What are the problems young parents and their babies face (on the street)?
  • How can such problems be solved or avoided?

Finally, reflect with the players about the development of children. Suggested questions:

  • What is the importance of play in development? How can we stimulate this?
  • Why do babies need to be stimulated? What can be done to do this effectively? What should be avoided?
  • How can one stimulate a baby in a safe way?
  • Who needs to take the responsibility to stimulate a child (father, mother, brother, sister, kindergarten teacher, ...)?

Extra game information

On the panel, you can see different situations of parents with their babies. Certain actions stimulate the development of the baby, while other actions have a negative influence on the baby.

The situations are the following (starting in the top left corner, moving clockwise):

  1. Breast feeding/bottle-feeding the baby
  2. To smoke a cigarette
  3. Neglect the baby
  4. Give a bath
  5. Medical check-up
  6. Socializing
  7. Throw the baby in the air
  8. Child sits alone with a tablet
  9. Child plays with a rattle
  10. Fight between parents over the baby
  11. Change your baby
  12. Walk the streets in heavily polluted air
  13. Comfort the baby
  14. Protect the baby from a dog


  • Theatre: create a theatre stage with chalk or tape. Then, divide the players in pairs and let them pick a situation. They can give a twist to the situation by adding improvisation. After a while, shout 'SWITCH'. Another team continues to act out the story. Continue this process until the story has a proper end. To conclude, reflect and discuss which elements were present in the different roleplays.
  • Be the parent: give a teddybear to a pair of players. The players need to take care of the stuffed animal. Discuss their actions and reflect on good and bad parenting.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn on the consequences of parental behaviour on a child's development

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