Gain more insight in the do's and don'ts during pregnancy while discussing the different situations on this newly designed health panel.

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Give the group of players a few moments to explore the different situations on the panel.


Then, start a discussion about what to do and what to avoid during pregnancy. Suggested questions:

  • Why is it important to have medical check-ups?
  • What can you eat during pregnancy? What should you avoid?
  • Is it safe to work hard during pregnancy?
  • Is it safe to travel during pregnancy?
  • Is it safe to carry heavy loads during pregnancy?
  • What medicines are you allowed to take during pregnancy?

Make sure the players always motivate their answers, to make sure they fully understand the situation.


After the discussion, make pairs. Each pair tells a story that includes some of the arguments mentioned in the discussion. The other players share their opinion on the story afterwards.


Then, another pair will tell a story. The activity ends when all the pairs have shared their story, or when all the situations on the panel are covered.

Extra game information

On the panel there are different situations depicted that can have an influence (positive or negative) on the pregnancy of a woman.

The situations are the following (starting clockwise from the top left corner):

  1. Do yoga
  2. Carry bags of groceries on the stairs
  3. Wear a seatbelt
  4. Travel by plane
  5. Medical check-up
  6. Have sex
  7. Drink wine and coffee
  8. Work very hard, stress
  9. Smoke a cigarette
  10. Clean the litter box (of the cat)
  11. Take medicine/vitamins
  12. Punch in the stomach
  13. Take a nap, rest
  14. Have a healthy meal


  • Taboo game: a player talks for one minute about what can be seen on the images of the panel, without mentioning the word 'pregnancy'. If the player does not succeed, or stays silent for more than five seconds, the next player can continue the story until one minute has passed. The player who is talking when the minute ends, gets one point. Continue the game with the next image on the panel. If you want, choose another word as a 'taboo' word (woman, child, doctor, food, bed, ...)
  • Pro and contra: pick a situation on the panel. Half of the group need to argument why this situation is okay, the other group gives contra-arguments. Important: stress the fact both groups needs to listen to each other. Afterwards, reflect on the activity and try to compromise.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn more about the effects of certain actions on pregnancy.
  • Get confident expressing yourself on a topic like pregnancy.

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