COVID-19 PACKAGE - Health • Personal Hygiene

Scan the personal hygiene poster and discuss cleaning and hygiene tips to help keep the COVID-19 virus out of your home.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Take two minutes to explore the poster with a group of 2-8 players.


Then, ask a player to step forward and to identify an object that one can use to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus (f.ex. face mask). Ask the player to locate the object on the poster.


Next, ask the player to explain to the group how you should use this personal hygiene object and how it can help you to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Write down the key learnings on a paper or on the blackboard.


Make sure to ask the players about other objects or other do's and don'ts regarding the spread of the coronavirus.


The activity ends when all the relevant objects are discussed.

Extra game information

This activity is a part of the COVID-19 package. The package aims to give youth workers the tools to discuss the consequences of the pandemic with their target group. The COVID-19 overview panel is the starting point for all the discussions. After playing the overview panel, extra activities on the seven different topics are available to dive deeper into the matter. 

The personal hygiene panel contains two similar graphics. However, on the upper side of the panel, everything is dirty and very messy. On the lower part of the panel, the same situation is depicted with improved hygiene conditions. In the middle of the panel, different items linked to personal hygiene. The items from left to right:

  1. Face mask
  2. Clothesline
  3. Clean your ears
  4. Dust-pan and brush
  5. Cut
  6. Shower
  7. Disinfect a wound
  8. Bucket and mop
  9. Nail clipper
  10. Throw away trash
  11. Wash your hair
  12. Wash your armpits
  13. Deodorant
  14. Dry yourself with a towel
  15. Cut your hair
  16. Wash your clothes
  17. Wash your feet
  18. Use the toilet
  19. Do the dishes/sponge
  20. Shave/razor blade
  21. Comb
  22. Toothbrush
  23. Wash your hands


  • Look at the characters on the panel. What are they doing? Are they respecting the restrictions taken to tackle the spread of the coronavirus? Why (not)?
  • Draw on the blackboard or on a paper how the characters should behave, taking into account the restrictions.
  • Make a list with 10 things you should do to keep the COVID-19 virus out of your environment. If possible, make a song together with the kids.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn about the measures taken to tackle the spread of the COVID-19 virus

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