Identify the symptoms and know when to seek medical attention with the help of the new multicultural 'Doctor'-panel.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Gather a group of 4 or more players and give them a few minutes to explore the panel. Ask if all the images are clear or if they need any clarification (see additional game information).


Then, start a group discussion based on the panel. Suggested questions:

  • Did you get sick or wounded recently?
  • Did one of your friends/family members got sick or wounded recently?
  • What symptoms did you/they have? Can you find them on the panel?
  • How did you/the patient feel?
  • What have they done to cure the disease?
  • Did they go to the hospital?
  • Did they go to a street educator?
  • Why does someone get a certain disease or illness? Can you prevent this? How? 

In addition to this, you can ask questions on the access to healthcare. Suggested questions:

  • What would you do if you were sick?
  • Where would you look for help?
  • Is it easy to find someone who can help you when you are sick?
  • How do you feel about this?
  • How expensive is it to have medical treatment?

Extra game information

On the panel, you can see different situations in which someone has a wound or symptoms of a certain disease. When these symptoms appear, it is recommended to contact a doctor.

The situations are the following (starting in the top left corner of the panel, going clockwise):

  1. Dog bite
  2. Itchy neck
  3. Fever
  4. Gunshot wound
  5. Sunburn or heatstroke
  6. Itchy genital region
  7. Diarrhea
  8. Toothache
  9. Dislocated shoulder after cycle accident
  10. Vomiting
  11. Cut wound
  12. Lifeless, tired, depression, burn-out
  13. Stomach ache (abdominal pain)
  14. Coughing and sneezing


  • Symptoms and diseases: Ask the players to identify the things they see in the panel and ask if they ever had the same symptoms/diseases.
  • Theatre: Ask the players to perform a theatre show on health care. They can, for example, perform one of the situations depicted on the panel, so the others can guess which situation was performed. You can also ask one player to pretend to be sick and to tell the other's how he got sick and what he's feeling. The others then take on the role of the nurse, doctor,... and give advice. Discuss the situations afterwards.
  • Blind man's buff: Ask a player to memorise the situations on the panel. Then blindfold him. Describe one of the situations. The player now has to try and point at that particular situation on the panel. When he is pointing at the panel, take off the blindfold, so the player can check if he was correct.
  • Memory: Challenge a player to memorise as many situations as possible in 10 seconds. When the 10 seconds are up, ask the player to turn around and name as many situations as possible. You can turn this into a competition between two (groups of) players as well.
  • Word search: Create a word search puzzle with words related to diseases, health, specialists,...
  • Specialists: If you want the players to learn the terminology of medical specialists, you can name a specialist and ask them to point at the part of their body they think that person specialises in. E.g.: "gastro-enterologist" -> the players can point at their stomach.
  • Emotions: Combine the panel with one of the panels on emotions and ask questions like: How does the person feel about the situation? How would you feel? The players try to link each image to a specific emotion.
  • Link this game to the Superdoctor game.

Specific learning objectives

  • Understand the importance of taking care of an injury or consulting a doctor
  • Understand the risk of certain diseases (mental or physical) and learn to identify their symptoms

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