Sweaty Feet Storytelling

Discuss in group about the importance of personal hygiene with the help from this storyline on sweaty feet

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Observe the cartoon silently with all the players for about one minute.


Divide the group of players in two. Three players will stay in front of the board, the other players will be the jury.


The three players in front on the board will each in turn mention a topic that is linked to the story. They explain why this topic is linked to the story (for example: falling in love).


The other players (= the jury) decide if the mentioned topic is related to the storyline. If so, the player receives one point!


The activity ends when nobody can find anymore topics to relate to the story. Make sure to stimulate the creativity of the participants to find as many topics as possible. The player who received most points wins the game.

Extra game information

On this panel two stories are told about a man and a woman falling in love.

In the first story the two love each other very much, but when they want to sleep together the woman notices that the man has sweaty, and hence smelly, feet and doesn’t take care of his hygiene. There is no happy end to this story because the woman does not want to have anything to do with the man.

In the second story the two brush their teeth, do their nails and take a bath before they sleep together. Here the story does end well and the couple keeps on loving each other.

Themes of the activity: falling in love, love, sex, sweaty feet, washing, hygiene...

Objective of the activity is that the children learn to justify themselves and to think logically by finding associations. The children are asked to tell the stories again, paying special attention to the differences between both stories. The goal is to have the children discuss the topic of foot hygiene in small groups. In this panel the problem of personal hygiene is approached from the perspective of love, not to deepen the topic, but rather because it is a topic that motivates the children. If you tackle the topic without using an example it could well be that the children say they have understood, but in fact they don’t show much enthusiasm. Through this story the need for personal hygiene can be discussed. The second story ends well because everything is more pleasant if one takes care of oneself, and this awareness can stimulate the children to pay more attention to their personal hygiene.


Draw a similar comic strip about hygiene on a blackboard or paper and share the story

Specific learning objectives

• Become aware of the importance of hygiene.

• Reflect on the consequences of living without hygiene

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