The consequences of drug use

Initiate an open debate on drugs by using this panel depicting different types and different consequences of drug use

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Take an empty paper or blackboard and gather a group of children to start the activity.


Ask the children what types of drugs they use. For example: if they are familiar with 4 types of drugs, divide the paper or board in four equal squares. Each squares represents one type of drug.


Then ask the children to write or draw how to feel when they use this drug. They can also add why they use the drugs, or why they seek this experience. Do this for all of the drugs, so all the squares are filled in.


Move to the 'Consequences of drug use' panel and start a discussion with the group, asking the question: what do you see in this drawing? Write the answers on the board or on a paper.


Reflect with the group on the answers given. The following questions can guide the discussion:

  • Who are these people?
  • What are the consequences of drug use for the people you see in the drawing?
  • How many levels of consequences are there?

Suggest different levels to think about during the debate: legal, family, friends, physical consequences, mental consequences, etc... Make sure everybody has the chance to give his/her opinion.


Write down the conclusions of the debate and ask the participants what they will take with them from the activity.

Extra game information

The goal of this panel is to initiate a debate on drugs. On the top of the panel, different types of drugs

are shown. In the lower part, the different consequences of drugs are depicted.


Taboo game: each one in turn talks about drugs (or a specific aspect of drug use) for one minute without using a previously agreed on word. If the word is used, the others shout, he who shouts first can continue talking until the minute ends. The person who is talking at the end of the minute wins one point.

Specific learning objectives

  • Talk and reflect about the positive and negative experiences with drugs
  • Talk about the reasons why drugs are being used

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