Let's go to the hairdresser! Learn everything there is to know about hair care and hair cuts with this health discussion panel.

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A step-by-step guide to play the game


Gather a group of 2-8 players in front of the panel.


Start with situation number one on the panel. Ask the players what they see. Pay attention to the different objects you see in the specific situation.


Ask one of the players to search one of the objects in the circle around the situations. Can you find this object? What's the use of this object? Why is it important to use it in this situation?


Now, try to link more objects to the situation on the panel, and repeat the questions mentioned above.


Continue with the next situation and repeat the steps described above.


The activity ends when all six situations are discussed.

Extra game information

On the panel you can see six different situations related to hair care. From 1 to 6:

  1. Man visits the barber shop
  2. Two women eating: one of them has her hair in the noodle soup, the other one has her hair pulled back.
  3. Women with a lot of hair (and objects hidden inside) visits the hairdresser
  4. Two boys washing their hair
  5. A boy and a girl getting a new haircut
  6. Lice jumping from one head to another

Around the panel, there are 28 objects related to hair care and hair cuts. The objects are the following (starting in the top left corner, clockwise):

  1. Hair extensions
  2. Louse
  3. Hair cap
  4. Scissors
  5. Shampoo
  6. Razor blade, shaving brush and shaving foam
  7. Hair gel
  8. Wig
  9. Knots
  10. Beard product
  11. Head scarf, turban and scarf
  12. Razor
  13. Dandruff
  14. Different combs
  15. Lice shampoo and tight-knitted comb
  16. Mustaches
  17. Broken ends
  18. Sideburns and goatee
  19. Hairdryer and towel
  20. Braids and ponytail
  21. Oily hair and cap
  22. Curly hair featuring sleek hair
  23. Hairpins
  24. Braids and rastas
  25. Water and nebulizer
  26. Color enhancing shampoo
  27. Elastic band and diadem
  28. Straightener and rollers


  • Start by pointing to one of the objects around the panel and link the object to one or multiple situations on the panel. If you want the players to move around during this exercise, you can copy the panel and cut out the circles. Give half of the circles to one group and the other half to the other group. After completing an obstacle course, they need to link the cut out circles to situations on the panel as quickly as possible. The quickest team gets two points. Afterwards, the players need to explain why they linked their object to a particular situation. Each good argument equals one extra point per team. Whoever scored most points at the end of the game, wins the game!
  • Ask the players to make a drawing of the most beautiful haircut they have ever seen.
  • Board game: Place a bottle cap for every player on one of the objects. Role a die and move the number of indicated spaces forward. If the player can explain what the object is and how it is used, the player gets one point. Repeat the process until a player has scored five points.
  • Reflect on the skills and characteristics you need to become a professional hairdresser. Each player writes down the characteristics. Discuss them with the entire group afterwards, and talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this profession.
  • Makeover: Set up a small beauty saloon. Ask the children to pair up with a friend to give each other a makeover. Take some hairpins and clips with you and let them do each other's hair (without cutting it, of course!). Take some nail polish as well if you want them to be able to paint each other's nails,... Afterwards, the make-over artists present their restyled client to the group. You can take before and after pictures as well.
  • Theatre: Act out some situations related to hair care, e.g.: brushing your hair. The players have to say whether you're doing it correctly or not. Make it fun! Brush your hair with a shoe, for example, and ask the children if this is the correct way to brush your hair. Make sure you adapt the role-plays to the context as well. If the children you work with don't have money to buy soap, include some tips on how to wash your hair and stay clean without it. After showing some situations yourself, ask the children to take your place (alone or in pairs) and act out some situations themselves.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn how to establish the right hair care routine
  • Learn about different hair cuts and styles
  • Learn more about working as a hairdresser

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