Super Doctor

An interactive game that will spark children's interest in first aid.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Group the different causes, injuries and first aid solutions in 3 piles.


One player will be the doctor. He chooses the character he wants to take care of and attaches that face (e.g. Spiderman) to the body.


The “doctor” chooses 1 injury, e.g. the puzzle piece depicting a broken leg and attaches that puzzle piece to the correct body part on the panel, in this case to the leg.


Then, he looks through the pile of causes and selects the cause of the broken leg. If his answer is correct, the puzzle will fit.


Afterwards, he looks through the pile of possible first aid solutions and selects the solution for the broken leg. If his answer is correct, the puzzle will fit.


If a puzzle has been completed, the child who has completed it, does a role play together with another child or with the street educator to act out the situation. He represents the doctor, the other child or the street educator represents the patient, in this case Spiderman with a broken leg. By indicating the wound with red paint, you can make the role play even more fun.


The game is completed when all the puzzles have been completed and all the role plays have been done.

Extra game information

To prepare the game:

• Print the DIY HEALTH #1 panel.

• Write the SOS number of your country on the depicted cellphone.

• Print the different puzzle pieces (see attachment) on coloured paper: the possible causes of an injury (yellow), the possible injuries (red) and the possible first aid solutions (green).

• Print the different faces (see attachment), based on the interests of the children, e.g. Spiderman, Elsa, …


• You can easily vary the game by coming up with new injuries, causes and possible first aid solutions.

• Make the game competitive: Which child finds the correct cause/first aid solution of an injury?

Specific learning objectives

First aid: recognise possible causes and first aid solutions of an injury.

What people said about this game

Joke Verreth

Partnership Coordinator Europe & Latin America StreetwiZe • Mobile School BE

24 March, 2020


This game allows you to address the very important topic of first aid in a fun and accessible way. Thanks to the many different work forms (puzzles, discussions and role plays), the children and youngsters stay interested and engaged. A little hint: If possible, laminate the puzzle pieces after printing them, so you only need to print them out once!

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