The Safety Maze

Learn more about potentially dangerous situations and how to deal with them by linking the different circles to each other.

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Everything you need to play this game

A step-by-step guide to play the game


Gather a group of players in front of the Safety Maze board and ask one of them to pick a situation.


Ask the player to explain the potentially dangerous situation (top of the panel).


Then, ask the player to find and discuss (text balloon in the middle) a way to prevent, or a reaction to this potentially dangerous situation at the bottom of the panel.


Discuss the situation in group. Check if there are multiple possible reactions to this specific danger.


Optionally you can also play an activity linked to the dangerous situation (play-button in the middle, see the extra game information for the description of all the activities).


The game ends when all the dangerous situations are discussed.

Extra game information

The dangerous situations at the top of the panel are divided in three categories, each with a specific colour around the circle: nature (green), work/street (yellow) & leisure and health (pink).

In the middle of the panel, you'll see two symbols:

  • Text balloon: talk about the potential danger. Ask questions like: What is the cause of this danger? Did you experience this danger before?
  • Play-button: Play a game or complete a task related to this danger (see extra game information).

Overview of all possible solutions (danger + reaction):

GREEN (nature)

  • Flood - Climb in a tree or go to higher ground.
  • Sun - Put on sunscreen, wear a hat and drink water
  • Earthquake - Hide under a table
  • Fire - Run away and call the fire department
  • Hurricane - Run away and look for shelter

YELLOW (work/street)

  • Crossing the street - Use zebra crossing and watch out
  • Picketpocket - Keep your money in a safe wallet
  • Dumpsite - Wear protective clothing
  • Working in a factory - Speak up for your rights
  • Internet abuse - Talk about it with an adult

PINK (leasure and health)

  • Having sex - Use contraception
  • Drugs - Talk about it with a doctor
  • Rotten food - Throw away the food
  • Fight - Talk about your issues and solve the problem
  • Nightmares - Talk about it with someone

Overview of all the tasks to play (linked to the dangers):

  • Flood: climb as fast as possible onto higher ground.
  • Sun: shadow game: try to depict something by creating a shadow. The other players try to guess.
  • Fire: play dodgeball (also known as in-between-fires, see rules in the image gallery)
  • Hurricane: play 1, 2, 3 piano game (check the video in the image gallery). When you have to stand still, stand in a pose like you are hiding.
  • Crossing the street: play in pairs. One player closes his eyes while the other player changes something subtle in his appearance. The first one needs to find what has changed.
  • Pickpocket: each player attaches a scarf to his pants. Everyone runs around and tries to steal the scarf of the other players.
  • Climbing in a tree: build a human pyramid.
  • Dumpsite: what's the nicest thing you ever found in a pile of garbage?
  • Contact with corrupt police officer: play a game of tag.
  • Nightmares: look as long as possible in each other's eyes without blinking ('staring contest')


If you have a large group of players, play the game in teams.

Specific learning objectives

  • Learn about risk prevention and safety

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