COVID-19 PACKAGE - Play & Sport • Corona proof activities

Use the bustling Olympic Poster to reflect on how COVID-19 has an influence on play, sports and culture and define some corona proof activities.

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Take two minutes to explore the panel with a group of 2-8 players. On the panel, one can see a sports stadium with a large crowd and a lot of athletes.


Ask the participants which things on the panel are not allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Write them down on the blackboard or on a paper.


Then, ask each individual participant which activity (sport, game ...) he/she is missing the most. Why is it not allowed do play this anymore?


To conclude, turn problem into opportunity! Together with the players, invent a similar activity that can be played taking into account the physical distancing restrictions. If possible, make a list of all the things that are still possible, and adapt existing games to corona proof activities, so you have enough inspiration for the coming sessions.


Make sure to play at least one of the games with the kids, preferably more to get the energy flowing!

Extra game information

This activity is a part of the COVID-19 package. The package aims to give youth workers the tools to discuss the consequences of the pandemic with their target group. The COVID-19 overview panel is the starting point for all the discussions. After playing the overview panel, extra activities on the seven different topics are available to dive deeper into the matter. 

On the game board, you can see an Olympic stadium. In the back there is a cheering crowd with lots of details, e.g. people selling candy, people having fun, the police, … In the front, you see a large Olympic field. Different levels of exercises (easy, medium and hard) are depicted of three different types of sports. The children doing an exercise of one particular sport wear T-shirts of the same colour: ball games = a dark blue, gymnastics = white and athletics = light blue. In the middle of the game board, there is a stand. On the side of the stand you see images depicted. Find and count those images in the bigger picture. 


  • Ask the children why it is important to keep moving and to stay active during the pandemic. What are the benefits for your health?

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Lore Stanson


25 February, 2021


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