Together we can!

Identify and manage difficult situations in daily life to promote cooperation and socialization.

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The coordinator randomly divides the children into groups of three.


They are given a situation that they will have to solve.


The coordinator gives the situation to each group and gives them five minutes to discuss features, weaknesses, opportunities and risks.


The groups discusses the problem and try to answer the questions.


Each group then presents the results of the discussion.


Finally, they all try, together with the help of the coordinator, to identify the emotion and the cause that drives each choice.

Extra game information

The moderator does not criticize the answers as they are all considered correct.

Text in the appendix document:

"There are three friends in the desert, having only one large bottle of water with them and no food at all. They know that they will be helped after a day and they must work together for their survival."

Discuss in the group the following:

  • Features
  • Weaknesses / Difficulties
  • Opportunities
  • Risks


  • Instead of discussing, you can also ask the children to write their solution on paper.

Specific learning objectives

  • Recognition of unpleasant emotions and the ability to 'listen'

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Ladies Union of Drama House of Open Hospitality

Philanthropic Organisation GR

7 November, 2019


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