Wheel of Food

What do you like to eat? Discuss and reflect on the characteristics of your favourite foods with this easy rotation disc.

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Ask one of the participating children to spin the Wheel of Food. The arrow will land on one specific food or beverage, for example a bowl of rice.


Now you can ask all kinds of different questions to the child about that specific food. For example:

  • When was the last time you've had this?
  • Do you think it's healthy?
  • Do you like to eat/drink this?

If you want to make the game more advanced, you can spin the disc a second time so the arrow will land on one of the four background colors of the rotation disc. Each of these background colors represents a specific task.

  • Dark green (left top corner): if the arrow lands on the green 2, you can ask the child to find two different foods which you can combine with your initial ingredient
  • Orange (right top corner): if the arrow lands on the orange 3, you ask the same question but the child needs to find 3 things to combine with his/her ingredient
  • Light green (right bottom corner): ask the children what you'll need in the kitchen to make something with your ingredient.
  • Blue (left bottom corner): ask the child if he/she knows a specific recipe you can make with this ingredient.

Don't forget to create the time and space to reflect on the healthiness of the foods and beverages on the rotation disc during the game.


The game ends when all the foods and beverages are discussed.

Extra game information

This game was invented by interns working with our Mobile School partner Alimentos para la Vida in Querétaro, Mexico. It's a simple rotation disc with all kinds of different foods and ingredients around the disc. In the background of the rotation disc, you’ll

see four different colors, each representing a specific task children need to do.

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