Basic needs: basic needs bingo

Link the description of a basic need to one of the pictures by asking relevant questions about the different basic needs.

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Gather two players or two groups of players and hand out one ‘Basic Needs’ poster to both players/groups. Make sure the distance between the players/groups is not too big, so the players can hear each other, but cannot see each other’s posters.


Each group picks one of the 25 basic needs depicted on the poster and keeps it a secret.


Now take turns asking yes/no questions to figure out which basic need the other group picked. E.g. Is it a psychological need? Is this an everyday basic need?


The players/ groups put a bottle cap (or sticker) on each basic need that no longer meets the characteristics that they asked for. E.g. All psychological needs are out. All everyday basic needs are out.


Whoever is the fastest in guessing which basic need the other player/ group picked, wins the game.

Extra game information

The game contains a red and a green poster with each poster featuring the same 25 different objects. Each object is linked to the Maslow's hierarchy of needs which divides basic needs into five categories:

  1. Physiological needs: food, water, clothes etc
  2. Safety needs: doctor, justice, money etc
  3. Social needs: communication tools, family etc
  4. Esteem and self-fulfillment needs: books, information etc


  • Instead of using the posters, you can put a number of objects in the middle of the circle that are basic needs according to the players. Now you can play the same game as above.
  • Introduce the different categories of basic needs to the children: ask them to identify all the physiological needs, safety needs, social needs etc ...

Specific learning objectives

Learn about basic needs.

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