Guess who

Link the description of a person to one of the pictures by asking relevant questions about his or her physical characteristics.

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Gather two players or two groups of players and hand out a 'Guess Who' board to both players/teams. Make sure the distance between the players/groups is not too big, so the players can hear each other.


Each player picks one of the 25 faces on the panel and keeps it a secret. 


Now take turns asking yes/no questions to figure out which person the other player picked. E.g. Is it a woman? Does she have brown hair? Does she wear glasses?


The players put a bottle cap on each person that no longer meets the features that they asked for. E.g. All men are out. All women that don't wear glasses are out.


Whoever is the fastest in guessing which person the other player picked, wins the game.

Extra game information

The game contains a red and a blue board with each panel featuring the same 25 different faces. Each face is a unique combination of characteristics (e.g. glasses, hair colour, gender, ...)


  • Live Guess Who?: Play the same game with the players around the mobile school. One player picks someone around the school. The other players aks yes/no questions about the external features of the picked person. Whoever is first to guess the picked person, wins the game.
  • Guess Who with famous people/pop idols/gang members/street educators/… Make sure the players know the chosen person because they must be able to describe them in detail.

Specific learning objectives

  • Observe and describe external characteristics.
  • Think about differences between people of different races and make the connection with possible corresponding cultural characteristics of these people.

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